Microwave Taco Shell Maker.

The days of frying taco shells in oil is finally over! Now, with a Taco Tastico, you can make fresh hot taco shells with any type of tortilla anywhere there's a microwave.
  • Makes fresh hot taco shells with any type of tortillas or wraps.
  • No cooking oil necessary to make tortillas crispy and crunchy.
  • Healthier and 10 times less fat and 1/3 the calories of pan-fried taco shells in oil.
  • Faster to prepare taco shells than traditional frying with oil in a pan.
  • No clean up of oil spatter on counters, clothing, and hands.
  • BPA Free and 100% microwave and food-contact safe.

Taco tastico microwave crunchy taco shell maker. Make delicious tacos from tortillas in the microwave oven with taco tastico crunchiest tacos and lose weight with out frying tortillas in fatty oil.

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