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WHAT IS A Taco Tastico ®?

Taco Tastico ® is a patented BPA-free microwavable crunchy taco shell maker that can be used with any type of tortilla or wrap to create incredibly crunchy taco shells in 60 seconds WITHOUT oil, extra fat and calories, extensive cleanup, mess or odor created when making traditional crispy taco shells that are fried in oil! This quick and easy method has created a whole new healthy/low-fat approach to making crunchy taco shells in three easy steps!

Taco Tastico ® not only makes crispy taco shells, but can also be made into delicious low-fat chips by simply breaking the cooked shells into pieces and dipping into guacamole, salsa, dip, etc.

Taco Tastico ® can also be used to make flavored chips and taco shells. Prior to cooking the outside of the tortillas can be slightly dampened with water then applied with salt or powdered flavoring then cooked in the microwave. The moisture from the water will allow the seasoning to adhere to the tortilla throughout the cooking process and creates flavorful chips and taco shells without extra fat calories and grease. They can also be crumbled into soups and salads as a scrumptious accent.

Endless possibilities exist with Taco Tastico ® crunchy taco shells. Traditional Mexican food tacos are only the beginning. Taco Tastico ® crunchy taco shells can be used with any meal type and fillings: Hawaiian, BBQ, Thai, vegan, breakfast egg, stir fry, Chinese, and Italian flavored fillings are just some of the possibilities.

Many low-calorie alternatives lack flavor and tastiness, but with crunchy shells made with Taco Tastico ® there is an alternative. For example a corn tortilla taco shell prepared on a Taco Tastico ® actually takes on a rich popcorn-like flavor. As a cleaner carbohydrate source without fattening oil, it can be incorporated into more meals with the satisfaction of a crunch.

With a Taco Tastico ® it is no longer a painstaking process to cook crunchy taco shells. It’s fast, simple, and much healthier!

  • Quick & Easy
  • No Oil Needed
  • Less Fat/ No Oil
  • Healthy & Lean
  • No Cleanup
  • BPA Free

Taco Tastico ® is Fantastico!!


Taco Tastico ® and the new Microstada are both made with our trademarked high temperature and BPA-free compounded plastic, Polytanium ®.  Polytanium ® is a strong, durable, and long lasting plastic that is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. It is also environmentally friendly that is both FDA and EU compliant for food contact.

Dimensions: 7Lx1 ½ Wx3H

Weight: 4oz

ABOUT Tastico ®

The story began in 2004 when Tastico ® founder Bradford Kinney accidentally overcooked a tortilla in his microwave. When he took it out, it was crunchy! He broke it in half and took a bite. It had an incredible crunch and had a great taste. He immediately began creating shapes with paper plates and plastic storage containers. This lead to a dozen prototypes of various materials to make taco shells for him and his sons. During that time, Mr. Kinney began the long process of patenting his idea. His versions at that time were all rejected for patent, but he did not give up.

Mr Kinney created the final shape of the Taco Tastico ® in 2011 and chose a material recommended by an “expert”. With a little research and attention to consumer concerns about “plastic in a microwave” he realized the “expert’s” advice was outdated. After spending a lot of money on legal fees, digital design, and molds, Mr. Kinney was determined to find a 100% safe and suitable material. So he decided to stop the project and began a 9 month search for the ultimate material to be utilized.

In Mr. Kinney’s personal testing area, he built many models and prototypes. His paper and cardboard models burnt and were close to catching fire. Ceramic and glass models retained so much heat they blistered his hands. Wood models had an unpleasant smell, metal and alloy were problematic. In choosing the material, cost was secondary while public safety was always the first priority. So, he hired a certified laboratory specializing in plastics. Together, they tested and analyzed over 750 polymers and plastics to seek out and develop the ultimate safe and durable cooking plastic.

Mr. Kinney formed Tastico ® in 2013, 9 years later. After a few name and design changes, the Taco Tastico ® is ready for the world. Tastico ® is located in Southern California where all manufacturing and packaging is done.


To offer the world a healthier and more convenient way to eat crispy taco shells.


Taco Tastico ®, and MicroStada ® are Patented and Pending in the USA, Mexico, Canada & Internationally. Polytanium ® is patent pending. A total of 10 design and utility patents created and managed by 4 prominent Intellectual Property Law Firms are currently protecting all rights to every possible way to copy, knock off, or infringe on the design, method, or structure of these products presented on this website. Any attempts to copy, import, resale, distribute, or manufacture will be intercepted and violators of these patents will be prosecuted without delay and patent holder will seek treble damages from all parties involved.

TACO TASTICO ®, TASTICO ®, MICROSTADA ®, POLYTANIUM ® and all marks/trade dress indicated as proprietary are Federally Registered Trademarks used by permission.